The perfect relevé

For the perfect relevé, rising onto demipointe should involve equal effort from the outer and the inner muscles of the lower leg.

Try this relevé alignment test……

🌼Rise onto demipointe🌼

🟡Roll the foot out over the last 2 toes and feel the outside muscles of your lower leg contract.
🟡Now turn the outer border of the heel towards the ceiling bringing your weight back into the centre of your foot.

🟡Roll your foot inwards over your big toe so your weight is going through the inside of your foot. Feel the inner muscles of your lower leg contract.
🟡Now lift the inner arch up towards the ceiling.

For the perfect relevé……….

🌼Now imagine you have a stirrup under the arch of your foot and the stirrup is pulling the heel up equally on both sides. Rise onto demi🌼

🟡You should feel that you are equally contracting both sides of the lower leg and your weight is positioned over your 1st and 2nd toe.
🟡Imagine the stirrup under your heel lifting your arch up even higher onto your demipointe.

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This plus other tips are included in the dancer’s handbook.

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