Mental Health and Musculoskeletal Manifestations

Mental Health and Musculoskeletal Manifestations

Have you ever had an audition or performance coming up and suddenly your stomach aches or your neck stiffens up? Mental health and musculoskeletal manifestations are linked. These are ways in which stress can manifest in our bodies.

Stress, anxiety, and worry can present in physical form within our bodies.

Many times performers have presented to physio with debilitating pain in the knees, neck or shoulders without significant pathology seen on a radiology scan.

This is because when we are stressed, the body sends inflammatory markers through the body, causing us to feel pain despite having a perfectly healthy body!

Finding ways to decrease stress and manage anxiety may help combat musculoskeletal pain;

🌼Are you taking on too much? Are you entering too many dance comps, with increasing rehearsals and trying to keep your casual job?

🌼Do you have to rush to work after class or do you crash with fatigue when you get home from rehearsals and skip a proper recovery or cool down?

🌼Are you missing out on proper meal intake because you don’t have time to eat or prepare meals?

If you begin to have trouble maintaining your workload and find your mental and physical health is suffering… time to reflect and get some time back to focus on your health.

If you still have physical problems book online for an appointment today.

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