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A dance injury at the age of 14, led Renee to the physiotherapy clinic for regular treatment. It was then that Renee discovered a passion to become a dance physiotherapist to help fellow dancers and performing artists.

While studying physio, Renee performed stunt cheerleading as a flyer for the local NRL team: The Gold Coast Titans. She required physiotherapy related to her role as flyer and found it difficult to explain the demands of her sport to the clinician, further motivating her to combine healthcare with the performing arts industry. 

Upon graduating, Renee moved to Melbourne to gain more experience with sports injuries, concentrating on dance and learning from some of the best health professionals in sport. She toured with theatre companies as the performance medicine manager for productions including Global Creatures’ War Horse and Walt Disney’s The Lion King and Aladdin.

Dance Physiotherapist

Renee enjoys incorporating her extensive background in dance with her practice as a physiotherapist. She has a passion for the human form, and is enthusiastic about using her knowledge and skills to achieve optimal movement patterns.

She understands that creative jobs require creative assessment and rehabilitation. Having worked onsite at theatres around Australasia, she is able to thoroughly assess the work tasks of an industry professional. Renee will sometimes request a site visit to see you in action and understand exactly what you do, and what part of a task is causing or has potential to cause concern.

She’s been through the intense training schedules, the long rehearsal periods, the performance nights, the niggles, the aches and the pains! She understands your desire to perform and the inconvenience of an injury.

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I am Max Oliveira, Brazilian, 32 years old. I am a professional dancer and worked with Renée Meffan during the Lion King Australia Tour from 2013 to 2016.

As a high level dancer there are so many challenges you take on, and having support from a great physiotherapist is one of the most important things you need on a 8 performances a week show. Renée wasn`t only the best professional to take on that role but the greatest human being, able to listen and look beyond the physical needs, which is just the perfect attribute for someone who is dealing with artists.

My life was better because of Renée during our tour. As an acrobat I had so much pressure on my body and Renée not only helped me to get over some injuries I had during the period but mostly important helped me to prevent them from happening. Renée, I`ll forever miss your needles!

Max Oliveira

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