eBook: The Dancer’s Handbook. Readiness for Pointe


Learn some of the assessment tools physiotherapists use to determine if you are ready to go en pointe.

There are 5 tests to try and they can all be done at home without the need for pointe shoes.


Renee is a performing arts physiotherapist who has toured internationally with theatre productions for most of her career. She has been working with dancers for over 10 years as well as performed as a dancer from a young age.

Currently working at a full-time performing arts school, Renee regularly works with dancers, carrying out pointe assessments in order to help the dancer be fully equipped for the highly technical art of pointe work.

This eBook: The Dancer’s Handbook aims to explain key physical abilities and assessments that dance physiotherapists use to determine your readiness for pointe shoes. The assessment also helps identify areas of your dancing requiring improvement to make you the best dancer you can be.

The eBook: The Dancer’s Handbook is suitable for dance students, parents, dance teachers and health practitioners working with dance students.

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