What is Vocal Physiotherapy?

What is Vocal Physiotherapy

Vocal physiotherapy is a manual therapy treatment aimed to address factors that can impact your vocal quality. Symptoms that can be addressed include loss of vocal range, breathiness, constriction, fatigue, tongue tension, neck tightness, postural issues, and jaw problems.

It is suitable for anyone suffering voice-related symptoms or those undertaking high vocal loads like singers, actors, teachers, call center phone attendants, sports coaches, presenters, and barristers.

Treatment is specifically tailored from your physical presentation to meet your vocal demands and goals.

Your consultation for vocal physiotherapy will include an assessment of;

đź”…Vocal workload
đź”…Voice quality
đź”…Cervical spine movement
đź”…Diaphragm and breath support
đź”…Jaw symmetry
đź”…Tongue root tension

A multidisciplinary team approach is common, often involving Ear, Nose, and Throat surgeons, speech therapists, voice coaches, and singing teachers. Book online today! Or purchase a vocal rest badge to let others know you are resting your voice.

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