Are you hypermobile?


The Beighton Score is a 9-point scale which is a quick and easy way to find out if you have excessively mobile joints. There are 5 tests. Tests 1-4 include left and right sides, therefore adding up to a score of 9 points. Try these and see what your  hypermobility score is;

1) Can you bend the little finger back more than 90 degrees? (if yes on both sides, then add a point for left and a point for right sides).

2) Can your thumb reach your forearm?

3) Do your elbows hyperextend more than 10degrees?

4) Do your knees hyperextend more than 10degrees?

5) Can you place your hands flat on the floor with straight knees?

A score of 5/9 or higher for adults and 6/9 or higher for children indicates hypermobile joints.

If you think you have trouble because of your hypermobility, book online for an appointment today.

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